Don’t be less than you are! The Center for RelationaLeadership and RelationaLearning has helped thousands of individuals and scores of schools, community groups and organizations to develop competency in what we call RelationaLeadership and Relationalearning.

Throughout our four decades of working with educators from the US, the UK, and Australia, we have developed theory and practices for learning and leading relationally.   

We believe skillfully placing relationships first in all our interactions holds the key to personal and professional success, and contributes most to our becoming better human beings.

Our research, publications, programs and collaborations highlight and support the primacy of Relationships First in making our organizations, schools and communities places of equity, justice, hope, achievement and joy for all.


Our mission is to encourage and support individuals, schools, organizations and communities to attend to Relationships First as the best way to ensure success in leading and learning and life.

Learning never stops. Leadership never stops.  Both are basic aspects of every relationship. The Center for RelationaLeadership  and RelationaLearning  is dedicated to harnessing the power of positive relationships to help individuals, organizations, schools and community groups to “Create the way they want to relate.”  Placing the Relationships first in strategic planning and mindful communication aligns purpose and intention in personal life and the workplace.  It has resulted in increased morale, productivity, happiness and joy for our clients here in the United States and in other countries.

As the world faces Covid -19 and the challenges that it presents for educators, the focus on relationships has proved to be a saviour for staff, student, parent and my own wellbeing. The hard work and effort required to build and sustain relationships has been rewarded when we find ourselves physically separated, over 210 days and counting in Victoria, Australia.

—Sara Walsh, Teaching and Learning Mentor, Elwood Primary School

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George and I have been thinking partners for over 20 years. What that means is that something bigger than either of us always emerges when we talk: ideas, emotional connections, relational understanding, spiritual renewal. It is a relationship that enriches my learning and my life that I deeply value.

—Lois Vermilya, Director, UNM Family Development Program, a Center for Excellence in Early Learning

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Working with George Otero and CRL has allowed me to develop my thinking and a relational approach that allowed myself and now school leaders I work with to put into place the right school cultures, relationships and structures  to make a real difference to the communities that we serve. This “way of being” drives positive change that creates environments for profound learning to be achieved and the development all individuals our school interacts with.

—Robert Csoti, Ed Support Coaching and Mentoring, Supporting School Leaders and their Schools

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