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New Edition Available


Leading & Creating Powerful Learning Relationships

George Otero, Robert Csoti & David Rothstadt
ISBN 978 1 74170 764 9 Code:  HB7649

This edition describes a framework for leading a school that focuses all school activity on the factors that deliver the best learning outcomes. It is about what we really know is important for every child to succeed.

Sometimes we wonder if our schools are really helping people be better human beings. As leaders we need to reflect on whether we are actually doing the right thing. We have all wrestled with understanding how we can make a difference as educational leaders.

This book describes a framework for leading a school that focuses all school activity on the factors that deliver the best learning outcomes. It is about what we really know is important for every child to succeed.

This model came about because we have always known that high-level parent involvement leads to better student achievement, that strong in-depth relationships with students are critical to their success in school, that the curriculum needs to engage the student and that partnerships and support from the community is a positive influence on school success. The model creates an integrated picture or map of how to develop teaching and learning relationships that bring these four educational principles to the forefront of school activity.

The school leader can use this handbook to create opportunities for teaching and learning that mobilise all stakeholders. We, as leaders, have found this framework has helped us lead by a moral imperative rather than personal preferences.


Schools and Communities: Working Together to Transform Children’s Lives

John West-Burnham, Maggie Farrar, & George Otero
ISBN 978 1 85539 233 5

This book is rooted in the principle that every child and young person is entitled to equal educational opportunities. Human relationships are fundamental to educational and social development. Increasing importance is being attached to cooperation and collaboration between schools and the community and between the agencies that provide services for children and young people.

The Global Classroom

Dr. George Otero and Tony Townsend
ISBN 1 74025 015 X

The purpose of this book is to provide teachers, parents, and students with an alternative strategy for improving the quality of education. It offers over 100 engaging activities for classrooms under four themes: education for survival, education for understanding our place in the world, education to understand communities, and education for personal responsibilities. This is a school reform book with a global perspective.


Dr. George Otero
ISBN 1 74025 236 5

Essential reading for parents, teachers, community leaders and others interested in guiding learning in a global society. This book offers a radical new look at how relationships make learning possible. Teachers and students become leaders and learners together as they build more interdependent relationships.
#6087 . . . US$21.95

Teachable Moments book cover

Teachable Moments

Dr. George Otero
ISBN 1 74025 469 4

Each day, life presents us with countless opportunities to initiate a learning conversation. Teachable Moments presents 45 examples of how to utilize these situations. The lessons in this book challenge us, as educators, to use information from real-life – from our global society – to make teaching relevant to the student’s experience.
#4577 . . . US$46.95

Literacy in the Global Classroom

Dr. George Otero
ISBN 1 74025 015 x

This book focuses on literacy and numeracy, communication skills and critical thinking skills. It is designed as an activity supplement for secondary teachers interested in helping students in years 6-12 improve their ability to critically read content materials. The activities are organized into topical units that deal with reading and thinking skills related to specific subjects.
#6015 . . . US$29.95

Did You Say Six Billion? book cover

Did You Say Six Billion?

Dr. George Otero
ISBN 1 74025 413 9

A quick reference guide for inside and outside the classroom. Addressing important global issues, this activity booklet provides 28 lesson plans on population, food, and hunger. It facilitates skill development for third millennium schooling.
#6140 . . . US$23.95

Learning Ain’t What it Used to Be

Dr. George Otero
ISBN 1 74025 235 7

This book offers educators 21st century strategies for engaging middle years youth. It provides quick, easy-to-use, motivational activities that work with current educational requirements. Creating playfulness, engagement, and motivation within the classroom are the goals.
#6086 . . . US$17.95

What Am I Looking At?

Dr. George Otero
ISBN 1 74025 469 4

This activity booklet provides Teachable Moments on perception, cultural awareness, and understanding. It challenges students to evaluate their image of others. Developing reflective thinking skills is vital for all global citizens in the 21 st century.
#6181 . . . US$29.95

Skills for Democracy: Promoting Dialogue in Schools

Dr. George Otero
ISBN 1 74025 235 7

Educational leaders are beginning to understand that in order to increase student achievement, communities and their schools must work together. This book encompasses strategies, activities and lesson plans on how to facilitate the process of dialogue with students, schools and communities.
#6099 . . . US$18.95

Global Realities & Youth Leadership Challenge

Dr. George Otero
ISBN 1 74025 463 5

This book seeks to inspire and enliven youth leaders by unlocking their vision and encouraging their hope for a better future. It gives young people the tools and skills to understand their world and to transform it.
#3357 . . . US$13.95

RelationaLearning™: A Guide to Using Notebooks in the Classroom

Lisa Otero and Shanna Marsh
ISBN 1 74101 073 X

This self-discovery book helps students relate to subject material by experimenting with connection-making strategies. The notebooks also help teachers actively engage students according to their individual thought processes and learning styles.
#HB0730 . . .US$14.95

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