Relationships First!

Develop relationships that create a climate of safety, affiliation and belonging.

Most people intuitively sense that relationships make all the difference in living a good life and decades of research now available verifies the long lasting impact of positive relationships.

Relational leaders and Relational learners are partners on a journey of building and strengthening their Relationships First as the best way to create and maintain healthy, productive, humane lives in a rapidly changing world to often focused on what you can get rather than who we are and can become together. Their goal is becoming aligned in purpose and intent to create impact and increase joy and happiness.

The Relationships First approach turns the old learning paradigm or its head to create the fundamental and foundational relational connection first. The relationship is the goal. Relational learning and leading is the outcome.

We are formed by relationship, we are nourished by relationship, and we long for relationship.
— The Second Mountain, David Brooks


“The quality of the relationship will always determine the quality of the learning.” —George Otero

  • Promotes seeing all learning as relational.
  • Focuses on building relationships that support life-long learning.
  • Supports the idea that all learning should be a journey in building relations, establishing connections, and comprehending the interdependencies of our lives.
  • Systematically develops relationships that create a climate of safety, affiliation and belonging.
  • Addresses the development of the whole person – mind, body, spirit.
  • Is personal, practical and playful.

What people remember when learning is the personal experience. We remember how our interaction felt more than we remember the specific content, or task. We know that we learn in a meaningful lasting way when we are respected, recognized, valued and embraced by those who lead and teach us. Whether it’s the fifth grade teacher, the college professor or the personal mentor in the workplace, learning occurs best in the context of mutually creative relationships. It is this profound connection of the moment which creates lasting learning.

It was wonderful to meet you at the Access Asia P.D. Day in Melbourne.  As teachers we need to be constantly reminded of what it’s all about, and your presentation on ways to engage ‘the mind, body and soul’ of our students does that.
— Lorraine Brimblecombe


Relational leaders see the personal moment in any situation. They put the relationship first! Putting the Relationship First takes practice. Our programs and coaching give leaders the understanding, insight, experience and tools to consciously create the way they relate.

We coach those in any leadership situation how to uncover the relational dynamics embedded in any human interaction. Then they understand that any interaction with others presents opportunity to build a connection and overall relationship that enriches everyone involved.

RelationaLeadership™ helps any leader develop the understanding, skills and sensibilities needed to ensure their leadership at home, school, work and the community puts the Relationship First.

Relational Leadership is Collective capacity to create change.
—Galen College Administrative Team

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