In this program you will explore the core elements of leadership presence and relational leadership and why this is important to your ongoing development as an effective leader. You will be introduced to practices that strengthen your ability to be more present and relational, with yourself, your colleagues, and your community.

Throughout each of these conversations we will be inquiring into our own experience, learning more about what nurtures us, and how we can live well in the complexity and uncertainty of the real world. We will draw on the power of vulnerability and the recognition of our own authenticity to chart a path to greater presence and stronger relationships.

RelationaLeadership and the Power of Presence involves three live online sessions, guided by Dr. George Otero and Maggie Farrar. If you and your team are interested in the program, use the sign up sheet below to give us an idea of the size of your group and the times you would be available for the sessions.

Cost of Program: $195 / person

(price of program can vary based on size of group and other considerations, please reach out if you have further questions)

This first conversation will mostly accommodate Australian Time Zone attendees, but there will be more times to come so stay tuned!