Our Relational Literacy Academy has been a huge endeavor for the Center for ReationaLearning & RelationaLeadership for over a year now. I have been working with my granddaughter Sofia and the rest of our Relational team to parse through our decades of research and content in order to create online, asynchronous courses that introduce to their participants the magic and power of living in a relational space.

This was not always easy for me, as I often feel that the technological space keeps us from being our most present and vulnerable selves. Vulnerability and presence are essential when it comes to putting the relationships first. I have learned through this process that even this kind of online instruction can be a valuable as well as accessible tool.

Now that we have affordable, online courses that a person can take on their own time, our content has become more available to a wider range of people than probably ever before. Anyone who partakes in one of these courses, will be gaining access to insights and tools that can be truly life-changing. It will be an honor for the Center to educate so many in the content that has shaped my life for so many years.

Here is some information on each course click the buttons below to register:

Teaching with the Relational Mind       

Brief Course Description

Relational work is very personal, and every individual will work relationally in a different and subjective way. This course will help you bring your authentic self to your teaching. Discovering who you are relationally can help you then foster that discovery in others. Participants will engage in an in-depth analysis of their personal relational mindset, as they gain knowledge on how to practice and maintain this. A relational mindset will help any educator increase the engagement of learners, families, and everyone within a school’s orbit.

Leading with the Relational Mind   

Brief Course Description

Participants in this course will learn about the values of fostering healthy relationships, utilizing our unique discovery process that builds positive relationships between families, schools, and communities. New strategies for when and how to foster those healthy leader-learner relationships will be shared and resources for leaders to use in the future will be provided.

Living with the Relational Mind   

Brief Course Description

Participants in this course will immerse themselves in readings, discussions, as well as hands-on assignments that will start them down a new pathway. Utilizing relational strategies in everyday life is sure to produce positive change in the lives of anyone who gives it an honest try!