Our programs are available online and in person in a variety of formats. Coaching and consulting are often done both virtually and in person. Experiential leadership and learning programs are also offered in a variety of formats including: training sessions, seminars and site based travel.

George Otero and associates have pioneered unique ways of putting the relationship first in classrooms, organizations, and personal development. They have emphasized relational ways of learning through such varied modalities as -play, games, story, dialog, art and ceremony- in all programs, presentations, workshops and trainings over the last 45 years.

This emphasis on relationships first has resulted in innovative, proven practices and initiatives that demonstrate how an intentional focus on who you are in relationship to self and others results in increased joy, satisfaction, impact and success in life and work.

This holistic approach to learning and leading is designed to nurture personal inquiry and develop new understandings and perspectives which promote transformative change in both individuals and systems. New relational insight creates affiliation and cooperation which align participants in intention and purpose to find progress.

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Offering leadership and learning programs online and in person.


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