Teaching with Relationships First


A five session one hour each on-line course to explore the primacy of relationships in Teaching and Learning.

Teaching is only effective if the relationship between teacher and student is what matters most. Transactional approaches to teaching do not serve the teacher or the learner in a lasting way.
Without a connection beyond the content to be engaged, instruction tends to become compliance -based and lacking in a connection between teacher and student that creates achievement, well-being and better life chances.

Our current experience with on-line learning demonstrates the limits of current approaches to classroom teaching and learning. Witness the ways educators over the world have made the relationship with their students the primary focus of their attention and effort, knowing the relationship creates the context for learning.

Learn through presentation, community conversations, and practice how you can create the way you relate to students. Join Dr Otero and colleagues in lively discussion of teaching with the relationship front and center in your teaching.

  • The nature and principles of RelationaLearning.™
  • How to activate wellbeing?
  • The difference between relational and transactional approaches to teaching.
  • Building relationships: A four stage process
  • The importance of dialog.
  • Who you are trumps what you say and what you do.
  • A relational model to teaching: Who are we? What’s worth learning? How do we learn that together?
  • Building relationships with Natural Ways of learning?

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