Relational Ways of Learning in Difficult Times

Learning and Leading relationally happen when six natural ways of being together are acknowledged and practiced in our classrooms, homes and communities.

This zoom course devotes one hour to each of six natural ways of learning that have demonstrated power to develop relationships that support joyful, productive and satisfying learning. Each session describes two Relational ways of learning that any person, team or parent can utilize to build reciprocal positive relationships with self and others.

These natural ways of learning; play, games, story, dialogue, art and ceremony are available and practiced in all cultures. Participating in any of these ways of being supports co-sponsored collaborative learning and leading. Whether at home, in school, on-line, or any situation were people learn together, these time- tested ways of learning offer ideas and practices that enrich everyone’s learning.

Explore and adopt these natural ways of learning with center associate Lisa Otero and Dr. George Otero.

Lisa Otero is currently the principal of the Many Nations Academy in Portland, Oregon and has 25 years of teaching, coaching and leading with Relationships First.

Session 1 – Play and Games
Session 2 – Story and Dialogue
Session 3 – Art and Ceremony

Course available to groups as professional development program or by individual sign up.

Contact Dr. Otero to set up an introductory half-hour session to determine if this program if for you, your team, or staff.

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