Become a foundational member for $75 and help us grow a relational leadership network. Every foundational member will receive a free half hour consultation with Dr. George Otero.

If you want to expand your leadership capacities, If you want to deepen your teaching practice, If you want to begin or continue to change your relationship with your colleagues and the school culture, this is a platform in which you get to learn, share, get feedback and identified steps to begin to implement this change and way of being personally and professionally.

At the Center for RelationaLearning and RelationaLeadership we have heard from so many of our friends from different countries and continents a strong reoccurring theme: There has never been a time in which emphasis on the relational in learning and leading has been more important.

We agree and have decided to establish a platform for colleagues and friends to explore together how leaders and learners can put relationship first in learning and leading. Together through podcasts, zoom discussions, stimulating co-creative dialogue we will collaborate how we can have greater impact making the relational the learning and leading imperative of our time.

The purpose of membership is to provide a forum to discuss the critical importance of leading by putting the relationships first and to nurture each other by interacting in a playful and loving way with other good-hearted people.

Please join our community as we explore courageous and creative opportunities to have greater impact, joy and satisfaction in creating the way we relate.


As a member you will:

  • Receive a newsletter every other month describing upcoming dialogues, zoom discussions and resources. The newsletter will also afford members the opportunity to share resources, projects and insights
  • Be able to attend special members only discussions. These zoom discussions will focus on important topics that members want to explore and every other week the discussion will be open agenda, a bit like having coffee together to check in and develop our connections with one another, and share an application of the relational approach in their context.
  • Receive discounts on our programs, including Relational learning 101, Relational Leading 101, and Relational Schools 101.
  • Feel free to contact Dr. Otero to explore how the application of RelationaLeadership can best serve your situation.


What else

We plan a series of webinars that will be recorded and members will be invited to participate in the live sessions. Non-members will have to wait until the recordings are released.

Members get to suggest topics and serve as panelists on the video series “Philosophy, Principles & Practices of RelationaLearning”.


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First 100 for $75, Regular $150


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