International Dialogues Via Zoom

What kind of support do you need to do your work in the world? A series

In 2013, the first International Dialogue for Relational Leadership and Learning for Hope–full and Sustainable Futures (ID) was held in Santa Fe, New Mexico at St John’s College founded in 1696.

The International Dialogue series (also held in 2015 (Aus), 2017 (NM) & 2018 (Aus)) was a joint initiative of the Flinders School of Education in South Australia and the Center for RelationaLearning in Santa Fe.

The overall purpose of the International Dialogue series was to provide opportunities for people to gather, share and learn around progressing a greater role, significance and place for relational leadership and learning in vocations of all kinds, with nature and with built environments.
Relationships are fundamental and foundational to how and what we learn—to our humanity, to our connections and engagement with people, place, and the natural world. This declaration underpinned all of the ID work.

Consequently the program for each International Dialogue was based around 3 themes-

  • Relationships are an enduring resource
  • Hope is vital to becoming fully human
  • Sustainability is an evolving and essential pathway.

COVID-19 has disturbed and disrupted much- most?- of what we have taken for granted in all spheres of life. No corner of the world, no country, no individual is beyond its reach.

However, through all the travails of COVID there have been countless instances of generosity, service way beyond the call of duty and a preparedness to endure, no matter what.

Another very striking feature of the impact of COVID on people everywhere has been the profound importance of reaching out and connecting with fellow pandemic travelers to keep us grounded and motivated to go on.

It now seems timely to issue an open invitation to people interested in exploring a very basic question namely, what kind of support do you need to do your work in the world?

5 one hour zoom dialogues have been conducted in the first half of 2021.

If you are interested in attending a dialogue please indicate in the contact section (contact button) and Dr. Otero will contact you to help you join a group of 6 to 10 colleagues to set up a dialogue.



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