The Center for RelationaLeadership™ and RelationaLearning™ has a distinguished history in raising awareness and then promoting the application of the principles of humane interaction within many diverse environments. Our programs and services are based on the research supported belief that our approach develops unique and strategic relational solutions with programs and practices tailored to your specific needs.

Relationship first requires focus on the skills, knowledge and quality application of dynamic intentional relational practices which enable all stakeholders to be engaged and successful. New dynamic relational energy creates new perceptions and new opportunities for both individuals and groups.

Our Goals

Help people flesh out their dreams, be more authentic as learners and leaders and become part of a social movement to put relationships first by…

  • Transforming the quality of leading and learning by placing relationships first within organizations, communities and classrooms.
  • Help individuals bring their truest, most authentic self to all their relations.
  • Build capacity of managers, educators, parents, students and community leaders to see themselves as relational beings first and foremost.
  • Build partnerships in leading and learning within organizations, schools and communities based on authentic, reciprocal, trustworthy relationships; thereby creating enduring improvement and transformational change.
  • Provide expert coaching, training, advice, consultation and support to organizations, educational systems, and individuals intent on building positive relationships between school, family and community.

About George Otero

Born and raised in New Mexico, USA, Dr. George Otero is well known as an international consultant, social entrepreneur and author. Otero has worked with a diverse body of clients throughout the USA, Australia, and the UK. He and his wife Susan operate the Center for RelationaLeadership™ and RelationaLearning™ based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

George has spent his career insisting that positive relationships are the key to effective education, learning and leadership. Relationships First is the result.

Relational leaders learn as they go. Learning specifically how relationships make the difference in learning and life came during his 20 years owning and operating a multicultural educational center in Taos, New Mexico. Over 65,000 individuals participated in experiential, boundary-crossing workshops where every aspect of learning and leading was explored.

He learned from thousands of conversations and social interactions that putting the relationship first in every aspect of personal and organizational life results in positive growth, joy, happiness, and success. These insights and practices apply to everyone. He discovered how play, games, story, dialog, art (music, dance, food), and ceremony were ways of relating that could empower participants of any age or stage to intentionally create the way they were relating.

More recently in his work with hundreds of organizations, schools and communities and thousands of individuals, he has been highly successful in helping individuals, teams and social systems put the relationships first in all they do; transforming sense of self, organizational culture and strengthening community. Learning how to be relational first has lead in every case to greater equity, inclusion, social justice, organizational and personal alignment.

His work is designed for each client and tailored to their specific relational needs.

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Thank you once again, for so many things…for your support, guidance and mentorship; your wisdom and humor; your never-ending optimism and delight in and with the world; and your ability to help me see through the veil to the endless world of possibilities. You are an inspiration and a joy to work with.
— Narelle Struth

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