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Teachable Moments
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  • Teachable Moments

    Lesson 1

    Significant Remembered Events “Nothing will ever be the same!” “We can never look at things the same way again!” “This changes everything!”   These and other comments were heard over and over again after September 11, 2001. They are comments that surround what I call Significant Remembered Events. It seems that more often than not […]

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    Lesson 2

    When Experts Disagree Suppose we disagree on a subject – reforming health care or maintaining a healthy diet. Chances are, no matter what view each of us holds, in today’s world one can find an expert to support that position. The fact that experts disagree has been a bonus to high school debaters and other […]

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    Lesson 3

    Believing vs. Knowing If experts can disagree, then it is no surprise that the rest of us get into arguments. It is helpful to make a distinction between believing and knowing. No one argues the fact that two plus two equals four. The truth of arithmetic does not depend on information gathered from the world. […]

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